Tuesday, August 25, 2009

R U More Right Brain Or Left Brain?

We all have two hemispheres in our brain, a right and a left. We tend to say that those of us who are the artists, musicians, and other obviously creative types are more right brained. Those of us who are more linear and logical thinkers, perhaps a bit more organized and structured are thought to be more left brained. Who really knows!
It does affect how we learn and perhaps which teaching styles and personalities we respond to most readily. Right brain students might do well with colored highlighters, colored ink, mind mappings, skits, and more open ended questions that allow a creative thought.
Left brain students might be more comfortable in a more structured classroom with assignments posted daily in the same place each time. Lists, attention to detail, and tests with a clear cut, definite answer might be more to these students' liking.
This is way over-generalized but you get the picture.
Just for fun, take this little quiz . It's free and all you have to put is your first name. Give it a go just for fun and try not to over-think it. Go with your first response. Leave your results in the comments below. It will also tell whether you are more auditory or visual.
I came out exactly 50% right brained and 50% left brained, 46% auditory and 54% visual. So I can learn well by listening but better by seeing. Come on, play along!


  1. Those were some wild questions girl. I got 42% left, 58% right. Auditory 61% Visual 39%

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for stopping by. I bet you are a pretty good listener and I'm guessing you doodle something creative while you're listening! Huh?

  3. the difference span further than school - LOL! My boss is a lefty and im a hard righty and we have issues seeing things as the other does! LOL! Thanks for this - it was fun!

  4. I get it. I had a boss like that once too...not surprising since I was teaching math! I am more of a righty than most mathies but still 50/50. Now I'm trying to learn oil painting so I need to be even more righty.

  5. Okay, that test was crazy!
    My results:
    Auditory-53%, Visual-46%
    Left-46%, Right-53%

    What would be reallly interesting is if I would have taken this test as a teenager I think I would have come out more on the right. I definitely see more left tendencies as I get older.

    Great quiz!

  6. Seems like when you grow up and have a family to "run" your left brain really kicks in! I thought I would show up much more of a righty but I was 50-50.



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