Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Painting Gourmet

Eat your vegetables or paint with them? It's your choice. I never heard of painting with them until I saw paintings by Darlene Carman, the Painting Gourmet. Darlene, an award-winning artist, first thought of painting with vegetables when she got hungry on a long hike!
This blog is all about ways to enhance learning based on scientific research. Research has shown that involvement in the arts increases student achievement. Using the left and right brain together is optimum for learning.
We tend to lose interest in art when we first realize that our drawings don't look realistic, usually around age 10. Darlene has found a way around that. Because no one really expects to paint realistically with veggies instead of brushes, children can continue to explore and experiment with painting without the worry of making mistakes.
Darlene's website states: "Darlene uses vegetables to rouse the right brain. She believes that two mental processes occur when a child or an adult paints with vegetables. First, the left brain (logical side) which has no experience producing shapes and form with vegetables, allows the right brain (creative side) to take control. Second, since neither the right nor left brain expects realism from vegetables, the shackles of anxiety are removed and painting is allowed to become spontaneous and fun."
As you get "back to school" again this year, don't overlook the power of the right brain.
Encourage your child to take art or music, to sing, dance, fingerpaint, whatever. Just keep that right brain going when the left wants to take over completely....especially at school.

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