Thursday, August 6, 2009

Get Out Of This Stinkin' Recession

No! No one is going back to school nekkid! That's why we are out shopping for back to school clothes, trying to get the kids what they want and not break the budget. Old Navy is a fave of most kids. Me too! This week they have kids' jeans for only $10 and lots of other BTS clothes for $8-$10! Too good to miss. August 7-13 only. This is just a stock photo so I can't PROMISE they have these exact tops. Let's say this or something even better.
Did you know New Balance is the only tennis shoe made in the USA? I like NB and this gives me a good reason to check them out first! And I do need new tennis shoes!
Happy shopping! Let's get out of this stinkin' recession! Spend money. Spend it wisely, but spend some!


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