Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A History Lesson: Edward Kennedy

Edward Kennedy 1932-2009
This video says it all. I wish I could post it here but it is 13 minutes and takes way too long to load. Go see it if you can.

Edward Kennedy was not perfect. None of us are. He lived through a lot of personal pain and fought his own demons because of it. Though two of his brothers outranked him politically, he ended up having more influence on our government than either Jack or Robert. He picked his political battles on which he refused to budge, and on other political issues he was known as a great collaborator on both sides. I did not know that he joined with President George Bush in support of the No Child Left Behind bill. As a teacher, that gives me pause to question the sanity of both of them.....sorry, I couldn't resist that one.

The world has lost a great man today. A perfect man? No. But the balance tips way, way over on the side of good. May he rest in peace with his bros.

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