Saturday, August 8, 2009

Got Diploma? NO? Get Your GED! Now!

Hey guys! If you are out of school and don't have a diploma, GO GET ONE! No matter your age, do yourself a favor and get your GED. Even if it has been a long time, it is doable. There are free practice tests online and there are places in most communities that offer help with your GED. A church near me that we sometimes visit has free GED classes. You'll be surprised how well you can do with a little practice.

One out of ever twenty college students has a GED. Many famous people have one too: Peter Jennings NBC news anchor, Chris Rock, Sanjaya Malaker of American Idol, and the TV judge, Judge Mathis all have a GED. On average, a GED grad makes $12,000 a year more than someone who does not graduate from high school and does not get a GED.

There are many people who do not graduate from high school. If you or your child are one of them, take advantage of the online practice. Then take the next step and get this test behind you.

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