Sunday, August 16, 2009

History Buffs Needed

At the end of the movie Julia and Julie the black and white screen silently told us that Julia Child went on along to heaven in 2004 at age 92. (BTW, she didn't learn to really cook until she was 40 so it's never too late!)

I have always wanted to have a timeline on significant and interesting historical events.   By historical I mean anything that happened before today. I'm all about "mathematics" and art, and I know a lot about how to learn, but I am worthless at history.

Help me create this recent, fun timeline.  Just email me from my Contact Me Page. When you send me info I will add it to the timeline. I might find a better place on the blog for the timeline, but for now it will be right here. I really appreciate you helping me sort out what happened when. I know I've left out a lot. It's just a start. Thanks!

Come on! Somebody think of something good!!!  Thanks.

1885 First rabies vaccination (added by Teri)
1886 Statue Of Liberty dedicated (added by Teri)
1945 Victory In Europe (added by Teri)
1964 Beatles on Ed Sullivan Show in USA
1967 Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (added by Teri)
1981 Ronald Reagan was shot (added bu anonymous)
1988 Lockerbie Air Disaster (added by Ness)
1990-91 Desert Storm (added by Tom)
1991 We all read The Firm (added by me)1995 OJ Simpson trial
1995 Oklahoma City bombing
1997 Princess Diana died
2000 Everybody scared of Y2K! Nothing bad happened!
2001 9-11 Terrorist attacks on NYC
2001 First wireless laptop (added by me but Larry doesn't believe me)2004 Julia Child passed away
2004 Tsunami
2004 Bush reelected
2005 Hurricane Katrina
2008 Obama elected
2009 Lost $ in Stock Market
2009 Plane landed safely in Hudson Bay
2009 Michael Jackson died and Billy Mays and Les Paul(added by Colin)
2009 Eunice Kennedy and Edward Kennedy passed away