Sunday, August 9, 2009

7 Step Survival Guide For Back To School!

Your first days back to school at the beginning of the year can be a little overwhelming. These 7 steps are very simple and will help you get through those first few days. Enjoy!

1. You will be sleepy this week so just deal with it. You know you probably won't be able to get to sleep early because you will be excited and you're not used to going to bed early. When you are in class, no matter what, DO NOT put your head down. Get water before every class. You can nap a little when you get home.

2. Leave home a little early this week. Traffic will be heavier than usual the first week and you do not want to be late. Even if you like to make a grand entrance, be on time!

3. Be friendly. No drama. Forget about any little snits left over from last year and just be friendly with everyone, especially new students who don't know anybody. Friendly just means smiling and being nice. Pick your real friends carefully but be friendly to everyone.

4. If you are allowed to choose your seat, sit at the front, near the teacher's desk, seriously, or in the middle of the room. Research shows that students in these seats do better than those who sit in the back or way out on the sides.

5. Listen to your teachers. Bring home handouts and go over them with your parents. If you have any special needs with vision or hearing, make sure your teacher knows. They will appreciate it.

6. Turn off your cell phone. I know you are used to having it on all the time and using it all during the day but get used to having it off while at school. You don't want to get off on the wrong foot with your teacher by having your phone go off during class.

7. Remember you only have one chance to make a first impression so bring your best self to school with you!

Leave a comment and share about YOUR first day!


  1. School restarts from my summer break soon in the UK. I'm not sure if i'm looking forward to it or not :P

    And yes, if i recall the first days are the tired ones. I'll tell you if they still are when i'm back next week!

  2. Thanks Colin! Let us know how it goes. I'd like to get a conversation going with kids back at school. Send your friends if they're up for it.

  3. my children are long out of school now, and i have to be reminded about the schools being back in session to remember to keep an eye out for these small ones while driving

  4. Doubtful, most of them don't even come round to looking at my blog :P


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