Monday, July 27, 2009

Which Graphing Calculator Should I Buy?

Every high school math student should have his own calculator. Even if the school loans you one, you need to have your own. If you are taking Basic Math or PreAlgebra, the TI-30 or TI-30X Scientific Calculator is perfect. This will do everything you need except graphing and costs $14.21 at Amazon.If you just want a small, simple calculator for the younger set or to throw in your purse the TI108 is fine for $10.20.

When you get to Algebra II or higher level courses, or in some schools Algebra I, you will soon find it is essential to own a graphing calculator. The question then becomes, "Which one should I buy?" First of all, ask your teacher. Your teacher is always your best resource. Based on ease of use, applications and functions, I would recommend the TI-83+. It will do everything you need it to do and has a lot of support for Statistics. The TI Graphing calculators can easily be upgraded so not to worry when the next model is out. The TI 84+ is also a great calculator, it just isn't what I use.....same thing with just a few new apps which most students don't use. With the TI-84+, you can view an equation, its graph, and the coordinates all at once. Both are tough, durable calculators that can handle being thrown in a book bag or falling off your desk.

One thing, if you are new to high school, please put your name on the OUTSIDE of your calculator in a way that cannot be scraped off or marked over! These are valuable and, unfortunately, they tend to walk off if you get my drift. Engraving is good if you have an engraving tool.

Your teacher will explain exactly how to use this calculator but if you are a parent or you just want a more thorough explanation there are DVDs and "Dummies" books that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know.

These calculators are approved for use on the SAT and other standardized tests at this time but ALWAYS check with your teacher before assuming anything about calculator usage.

Hey, LEARN TO USE THIS CALCULATOR! It will save your butt! You can buy it right here through Amazon or try EBay for a used one at a cheaper price..

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  1. TI 83 works great for me. It does everything I need in my math class. Got it used from a freind for $20. Couldn't pass math without it.


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