Thursday, July 23, 2009

Someone Needs YOU!

I just finished reading an article by Pat Gee in the Star Bulletin, a Hawaiian newspaper, about providing new backpacks for homeless children. The number of negative comments readers left regarding this article surprised me.

Yes, a homeless child needs much more than a new backpack. Yes, some of them may not use them as hoped. To many of them, however, having what they need to start the new year is just the best. Not having to borrow a pencil or paper or crayons, or use the broken ones left from last year, because you have your own is the way it should be. I declare it so.

So if you, or I, have the chance to provide a backpack or fill a backpack let's not hesitate to do so. When you get your own child ready for school, double your efforts so that another child gets the same readiness. Oh, you say, their parents should do it??? Yes, they should. And we know there are hundreds of reasons why they don't.

Could we go a little farther and be a mentor to a child this year? No, we all can't but perhaps some of us can. Where do we go to find someone? In Atlanta a group called "For The Kid In All Of Us" could use your help. ALso in Georgia MUST Ministries needs us. Salvation Army, United Way, your child's school, perhaps your neighbor or your child's friend. If you want to volunteer at school it takes time for a background check and clearance so expect that.

Search your community to find a need and fill it. There are always needs outside of our own and right now a lot of them are about school. By helping someone else get a new start you may be opening up a whole new opportunity in your own life.

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