Friday, July 31, 2009

Back To School Clothes On A Budget

After a summer of growing and playing outside, the beginning of school marks the time for new clothes. The Good Housekeeping Research Institute tested basic jeans and tees to find you the best buy for your money. They checked shrinkage, durability, fading, and sizes. Not too glamorous but valuable info for parents these days. Here are their results by store:

Kmart: Good buys are (BE)Boy Basic Edition jeans($10), Girl Basic Edition Flare Jeans ($13)although these will shrink just a tad, and BE Girl Polo collared shirts ($11). BE T-shirts for boys and girls are not well made. Skip these.

Stock up on (FG)Faded Glory Boy and Girl T-shirts at $3.50. They are cut big but will shrink just a little. FG Boy Relaxed Jeans and Girl Slim Stretch Flare Jeans are less than $10 pair and held up better than Girl Levis. Don't buy FG polos for boys.

Cherokee Boy jeans($14) and Girl Ts($6) are not the best for wear and tear. Boy polos ($7) are made of strong cotton and run a little small.

Old Navy: Girlfriend Boot Cut Jeans ($19.50)are trendy and launder well. Boy and Girl Polos ($9.50-12.00)are good buys too. Both shrink a little. The Boy Faded Bootcut Jeans ($19.50) are reportedly 'not worth the price'.

By shopping smart you might have enough money left to buy those shoes or that top that is all the rage. Some high schoolers had rather be caught dead than show up on the first day in "fresh" back to school clothes or shiny sneakers. Others want to be stylin' for sure. Work with your child to make sure they are appropriately dressed and let them find their own comfort level. Their day will go much smoother that way.

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