Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Geometry Study Guides for EOCT May11-22

There are many ways to prepare for your Geometry End Of Course Test. Your teacher will provide practice, there are study guides available, and online practice. The more you use all of these, the better you will do. A good online practice test site is www.usatestprep.com. Your teacher can give you the passwords. Practice these over and over again. Ask about the problems you don't understand.

There are two parts of the test. Each part is 45-60 minute. You will take the test within the dates of May 11-22. That will depend on your school.

The Geometry test is online. Most students like that. The drawings are large! Yea! You can skip probs and then go back to them. Definitely have a basic calculator with you. No graphing calculators. :)

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